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Employment Pass Eligibility: Educational Qualifications Is Required By September 2023

2023-03-22 01:33:59

In this article, we will explore what can be expected from this additional requirement and how it will impact employers and foreign workers.

Comprehensive Guide To Hawkers Development Programme In Singapore

2023-03-20 01:45:39

The HDP comprises of three stages: training, apprenticeship, and incubation. The program aims to equip the next generation of hawkerpreneurs with the...

New Update: What You Need to Know About the Senior Worker Support Package 2023: Up to S$125,000 Grants for Companies

2020-07-28 07:47:50

Singapore is currently facing an increasingly ageing population. As part of an effort to promote employment and retention for senior Singaporean...

How SMEs & Job Seekers Can Benefit From the Career Trial Programme 2023 [Updated]

2020-08-19 11:48:29

Do you know that SMEs and Job seekers can now tap on the Career Trial Programme (previously known as Work Trial) to get training allowance subsidy of...

Comprehensive Guide To Temporary Fair Permit In Singapore

2023-03-15 02:13:29

In this article, we will delve into the key aspects of obtaining a permit, licensing requirements, and the consequences of non-compliance.

Comprehensive Company Guide: CPF Contribution for Employees

2022-11-09 04:51:04

Did you know that up to 20% of each employee's monthly wage in Singapore is put into their CPF accounts?

Employing Workers with Special Needs in Singapore - What Other Grants Support Is There? [Updated]

2021-08-12 02:20:26

This post will discuss the benefits of Employing Workers with Special Needs in Singapore. Companies looking to employ these workers as well as those...

Simplifying the Process: How Tender Lite is Making it Easier for SMEs to Win Government Contracts

2023-03-09 01:10:21

One of the biggest advantages of Tender Lite is that it will save businesses time and money. Under the previous system, businesses had to go through...

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