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Our journey started when we realized that business banking products unlike consumer products are not as transparent as we thought. Rates are not readily available and one’s have to navigate through numerous technical jargons while facing commission-driven bankers, many a time Small Medium Enterprise (SMEs) always end up getting the short end of the stick.

We know SMEs is the bedrock of Singapore economy. We are committed to helping SMEs in Singapore to make better financial decisions. We created Smart-Towkay to bring transparency to a constantly changing financial landscape with ever-changing business banking products and choices.

What We Do

Smart-Towkay is a platform to connect SMEs with banks and alternative lenders. Knowing that SMEs have questions and concerns when it comes to their financial products, we are a growing community of deal experts who will provide you with useful tips, news and tricks through our Blog.

By working closely with Singapore’s top banks and alternative lenders, SMEs are able to simplify and find the alternatives in their financial needs that is most appropriate for them.

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If you would like to have further information or schedule an interview, please contact towkay@smart-towkay.com


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