CIMB BUSINESSGO (Interest Bearing)

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Initial Deposit Amount
$ 30,000
Minimum Balance Required
$ 30,000
Account Opened within
Up to 24 hours
Key Features
Features 1

Open Your Corporate Account in 15 minutes**

Features 2

Open to eligible Malaysia registered company

Features 3

Enjoy interest of up to 0.30%

MyInfo Business Login
Identity Cards of Directors/Shareholders
Fees and charges
CIMB SGD BusinessGo Account Fees & Charges

- Min Monthly Average Balance: S$30,000


- Fall-Below Fee (Monthly): S$88


- Account Fee (Monthly): Nil


- Early Account Closure Fee: S40 (closed within 6 months of account opening)


Cheque Book Fee: First Cheque book fee waived, subsequent cheque book at S$25


Interest Bearing: First S$30,000- Nil

                              Next S$970,000- 0.10%
                              Next S$1,000,000- 0.30%

                              Above- 0.05%


*SGD deposits are insured up to S$75,000 by SDIC

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Why Should You Apply Through Smart-Towkay ?

Benefits of Applying Through Us


As a team of ex bankers, we are very familiar with credit criteria of individual banks with a solid track record of >80% approval rate.


Leave the application process to our specialists while you focus your resources on your core business.


Tired of waiting for unresponsive bankers revert? Your application is our priority, reduce processing time by 3-5 working days through us!


No upfront fees, no fees applicable if we’re not enable to secure financing for your company. Performance guarantee, pay only for results!

by Smart-Towkay

You’re eager to put your company on the map and you’re ready to hustle. Speed is of the essence.


While almost all banks have streamlined their application process to incorporate online applications, many of them still have some physical meet-up requirements, thus slowing down the application.


Through CIMB’s online application platform, opening an account online is absolutely seamless and approval can be obtained quickly. In fact, you can open a BusinessGo Lite (Digital) account in as quickly as 15 minutes* and begin transactions the same day. Start collecting your revenue the same day you incorporate your company!

*Application process timeline might differ for more complex company shareholding structure entities

CIMB BUSINESSGO (Interest Bearing) Faq

Generally speaking, there are a few required documents.

A Completed Corporate Account Opening Form with the bank in question, signed by the signatories as listed in the board resolution.

A Board of Directors Resolution that would sanction and authorize the opening of the account by the authorized signatories.

A Certified True Copy of Resolution that would sanction and authorize the opening of the account by the authorized signatories. Most banks will have their own format.

Certified True Copy of Certificate of Incorporation, certified by company’s secretary or director(s).

Certified True Copy of Company’s Business Profile from Company Registrar by company’s secretary or director(s).

Certified True Copy of Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA) by company’s secretary or director(s).

Certified True Copies of Passport (or Singapore IC) and Residential Address Proof of the Directors, Signatories, and Ultimate Beneficiary Owners.

For more info on the required documents: Click here

A Business bank account would allow your company to better organize your finances so that you can pay and receive funds in a joint account that is linked to the company, instead of the individual.

 With a business bank account, you can delegate the payment of transactions to your secretary, and allow them to complete payments authorized by you. Alternatively you can give an agent authority over the account and allow them to complete transactions themselves.


Please do refer to the individual bank’s terms and conditions for more information, it should also be stated in our comparison.

While the process for applying for a business bank account is usually quite easy, you may face additional documentation and process requirements. For residents of the following country, you may face longer waiting times.


Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)





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