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Enter your overseas payment details

Tell us the amount and currency you want to send

e.g. send MYR 30,000 to your supplier in Malaysia

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Your order matched to the best possible price from your global network

e.g. get best possible MYR rate from your network of licensed partners and banks

Receive 0.2% cashback

On top of getting the best rate, enjoy a further 0.5% instant cashback

e.g. if SGD/MYR rate is 3.0, pay just S$9,980 instead of S$10,000 after instant cashback

Real-time Currency

Balance check

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Plus, you'll earn cashback every time you use our service.

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  • Based on 100 Smart Towkay's Clients surveyed on 01/03/2022
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Smart Towkay offers the best rates for money transfers and we guarantee that our rates are lower than or at least the same as our competitors. If you find a better rate, email us and we will try to beat it.

Our currency availability depends on market supply so please contact us if you need help transferring money to a specific country.