Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


SMART-TOWKAY.COM has developed this privacy policy in our continued commitment to ensuring your privacy. As an individual or user of the services of SMART-TOWKAY.COM, this privacy policy is intended to describe the terms below.

•             The information that we collect about you specifically.

•             Information collected in general.

•             Parties that may receive these information.

•             How you may access the information provided to us.

•             And lastly, your choices about such uses and disclosures.


We encourage all of our users to read this privacy policy carefully before using our websites, services, or conducting business with us. Use of our websites constitutes acceptance of our practices as described in this privacy policy.

If you have any questions about our privacy practices, please refer to the end of this privacy policy for information on how to contact us.


Information That We Collect About You

In general.

Personal information that could identify you, such as your name and email information, as well as metadata that does not identify you will be collected. Information provided to us, or our websites by be stored either in Singapore or in other countries.

Information provided by you.

We may collect and store information entered on our websites, or otherwise provided to us. This information may be personal information that could be used to identify you. This information includes, but is not limited to your name; home or mailing address, email address and telephone number, financial information that may include but is not limited to your financial and loan information, current account and fixed deposit application.

Information for other sources.

We may also obtain both personal and non-personal information about you from business partners, contractors, and other third parties. This information may include but is not limited to credit reports, information pertaining to your home and demographics. However, SMART-TOWKAY.COM will not pull a credit bureau report on loan customers without prior permission.

Information about others

When necessary, we will store personal information that you have provided to us about other people in order to facilitate loan applications or new joint accounts. This includes their name, address, phone number, financial information and may include other personal information.

Automated Collection Of Information Online.

We employ various technologies to automatically collect information from your browser when you visit our website. This may include, but is not limited to, your IP address, your browser and device type, your chosen language, access times and content access. The content of any remaining cookies that your browser has accepted from us and the referring website address.


When you visit our websites, we may assign your computer one or more cookies in order to personalize your online activity on our website. This may include web pages that you have visited, links or advertisements that you may have clicked, or other actions that you may have conducted while on our website. The cookies do not store any personally identifiable data about you. Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can choose to deny cookies, or use our site in incognito mode as per your own discretion. Some features may be lost if you do not use cookies, and your user experience may be affected.

Other technologies.

Standard technology commonly used on the internet may be used as well. We may deploy link tracking to our page in order to collect analytics. These tracked links may collect metadata such as your time spent on the site, and the associated sites that you may visit that are under our control. This information enables us to better understand consumer behavior and better improve the user experience of the site.

Metadata does not contain any personally identifying information.

Information collected by third parties.

Third parties may, in the course of their operations with our site, collect data off of users who interact with the advertising on our site, or may have information collection policies of their own. Please do refer to their terms of service and their own privacy policy as well.

How the information that has been collected used.

We may use the information for these purposes.

•             In order to deliver the products and services that you have requested on our site.

•             Provide additional customer support and manage our relationship with you, the customer.

•             Perform research and analysis of the use of, and interest in products, content or services offered by others, and ourselves.

•             Communicate with you via Email, post, telephone, and/or other modes of communication about products and services that may be of interest to you either from us, other sites under our control, or other third parties.

•             Develop and display content and advertising tailored to your interests on our website and other websites.

•             Verify your eligibility and deliver prizes in connection with any ongoing promotions or contests.

•             Enforce our terns of use.

•             Manage our business.

•             Perform business functions described to you at the point of collection.

•             In accordance to the law, when legally required to do so.


Financial information

In the process of using our site, the information provided to you, about your current finances and demographics may be used to calculate your loan conditions, provide the lenders conditional loan offers to you, verify your identity, protect against or identify possible fraudulent transactions, or as otherwise needed in the course of managing our business.

With whom your information is shared.

In order for you to better understand how our data may be shared to our partners, please do read the following on our information policies.

Personal information

Unless explicitly allowed by you, we will not share your information to other third parties. An opportunity to opt out will be provided.

We will share our information with our following partners.

Authorized service providers

In connection to certain services that have been requested by you, we may provide information to our partners in order to facilitate your request for a loan. These companies may include credit bureaus, title companies, flood or other insurance providers, appraisal companies, , escrow companies, closing agents, other financial institutions, marketing and customer services firms, credit card payment processors, as well as companies that support contests, sweepstakes, surveys, or other features offered through our websites, or that provide business analysis or website support.

Only information required for the task at hand will be provided, we will not share data that is not used in the course of their operations.

Business partners

When you express interest in products, services or promotions offered through our websites or our services, we may notify external partners of your interest and work with them in order to offer products, services or promotions to you. By choosing to engage in a particular offer or program, you are authorizing the collection of your email address or other relevant information,

Other lenders or investors

In order to facilitate our services, we may offer your information to lenders or financial institutions in order to match you with a willing and able lender.

Other SMART-TOWKAY.COM Initiatives or ventures.

Information collected from our site may also be used by our company in order to provide users with a better user experience and allow for more users to take advantage of any offers or promotions at hand. All websites under SMART-TOWKAY.COM conform to our current terms of use and privacy policy. An option to opt out of any marketing materials will also be provided. Any marketing materials provided to you will have an option for you to opt out at any time. However, information that is pertinent to your creditworthiness will not be disclosed.

Other Situations

Under these circumstances, your information may be disclosed.

•             In conformance to local laws, investigations, subpoenas, warrants or court orders, in order to establish or exercise our legal rights, in order to defend against legal claims, or as otherwise required legally. In such cases, we may raise or waive any legal objection or right available to our company.

•             When we have reason to believe that disclosure is appropriate in connection with efforts to investigate, prevent, or take other actions regarding illegal activity including but not limited to fraud, to defend our company’s rights and operations, the prevention of loss of life and property, the safety of our users, employees or others, in compliance with law or law enforcement, or to enforce our website’s terms and conditions, or other agreements or policies.

•             In connection with any substantial corporate transaction, such as the sale of our business, any divestiture, merger, acquisition, asset sales or in the unlikely event of bankruptcy.

•             Any third party that receives information from us may have their own privacy policy describing their usage of your personal data, please do visit their site to learn more about their privacy practices and visit the websites of those third parties. These entities or servers may be located either inside or outside Singapore.

Aggregated and Non- Personal Information

We may share aggregated information (i.e. metadata that is collected collectively, but is not specifically able to identify you) and other non-personal information we collect under any of the stated circumstances. We may also share this information with third parties and websites under our control to develop and deliver better targeted advertising on our websites. This information contains no personal data and may be used to develop website content and services in order to better the user experience on the site.

What type of personal data is collected?

We collect the following personal data:

•             Full name

•             Mobile telephone number

•             Personal email address

•             Name and residential address

•             Name and residential telephone number

•             Personal documents required for the application of mortgages and insurance

We may collect and hold personal data of persons/entities including but not limited to:

•             All customers

•             Job applicants or employees

•             Shareholders

•             Service providers

•             Other people who we may come into contact in the course of operations

The personal data collected could be used for:

•             The facilitation and servicing of financial products and services offered on our site, and associated processes that are required for the site’s operations.

•             Disclosure to relevant business or legal entities that are needed for the financial products and services offered by our site.

How is this information stored?

This information is stored either physically on our office premises, or on company servers.

For what purposes would we collect information?

Generally speaking, here are the uses of the personal data collected.

•             Facilitation and completion of transactions (payment processing, provision of products or services that have been requested by site users)

•             Provision of customer service and communications

•             Sending alerts, marketing materials, or newsletters as requested, communication of promotions or notifications.

•             Conducting market research and improving user experience

•             Complying with local laws and regulations, and other regulations.

•             Performing of evaluations (Loan calculation, quantum calculation, and other activities.)

Information that has been collected will only be used and disclosed to third parties that have the consent of the user for the usage of their data. Without prior consent, we will not sell, rent, or give away personal data to third party firms for commercial purposes without prior consent.

While the utmost effort has been taken to ensure that the data handling is secure, we are unable to secure data from cyber attacks, and other malicious breaches of site security. Individuals cannot hold SMART-TOWKAY.COM liable for the unauthorized disclosure, loss, destruction or usage of personal data from such risks.

The act also requires that data is stored in a timely and secure manner, vital information about the user will only be stored offline, and will not be collect via online means.

How do I access the personal data that I have?

To be informed of the personal data in our possession, or to modify or expunge any data in our possession, we will take multiple steps to verify your identity of the person accessing the information before disclosing to the individual who has ownership over the data.

To contact us to remove your data, you can contact us at: .

Alternatively, to remove your online data and keep your connection to us, feel free to access your data from the site itself, and access your information in your account. From there you can delete your current information.

How do I lodge a complaint regarding personal data?

International visitors

This privacy policy is intended for the information collected from our websites from domestic residents of Singapore. If you are an international visitor, please do note that your information may be stored and processed either in Singapore or internationally. The site operates and complies with the Personal Data Protection Act and may or may not comply fully with your local laws, please do practice due diligence before providing us your details.

Third party rights

This privacy policy does not enforce any request for information by third parties, unless the user has opted into the specific product or program provided by the third party. We will only share information to relevant third parties with your permission.

 To reflect the latest practices and services, we will update this privacy policy as and when these changes arise.

If you have any doubts with regards to our information handling practices, or if you have any enquiries with regards to our disclosure of information, feel free to contact us.