COVID-19: What Businesses Need To Know About Safe Entry From 12 May 2020 Onwards

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Safe Entry


1. Is it compulsory for all businesses to sign up for this service?

From 12 May onwards, businesses are required to use SafeEntry to collect entry and exit information of workers and visitors on their premises for as long as it is required by law during the period of COVID-19.

Businesses that do not comply with the requirements to use SafeEntry will be subject to the penalties stipulated under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act.

2. If businesses already have (other) systems in place to log entry and exit information, how will they be able to show that their systems are robust enough?

The use of SafeEntry will be made mandatory from 12 May 2020 onwards. SafeEntry allows for the automated routing of entry and exit log data to the relevant authorities. A common system used by all establishments will allow data to be made available to MOH quickly so as to facilitate contact tracing.

Businesses that need to retain the use of their current system for the collection of data that are not required in the SafeEntry system (e.g. purpose of visit, employee’s ID number) are required to implement SafeEntry on top of their existing system.

3. What is SafeEntry?

It is a national digital check-in system that logs the personal particulars of individuals (name, NRIC/FIN number and mobile number) visiting hotspots, workplaces and public venues such as malls and supermarkets. SafeEntry will facilitate contact tracing efforts.

SafeEntry is used for data collection and verification through (1) scanning of QR codes, or (2) scanning of NRIC/FINs.

It was first deployed at certain hotspots, workplaces of essential services, as well as selected public venues.

4. Why is SafeEntry being expanded to more locations?

SafeEntry will support contact tracing efforts as it provides authorities with a record of individuals who enter and exit venues. The records will reduce the time needed to identify potential close contacts of COVID-19 patients. As we move towards relaxing the circuit breaker measures, it is even more critical that contact tracing be done well to mitigate the risk of new waves of infection. This is important so that we can continue advancing towards fewer restrictions on our movements, and our daily lives.

5. How will SafeEntry affect businesses and individuals?

For businesses: SafeEntry should be deployed in venues that are operating, which have a higher risk of non-transient contact, e.g. offices, factories, malls, supermarkets. This will help to log the information of individuals entering and exiting the venue.

For individuals: People visiting venues are required to provide the necessary information either through the scanning of QR code or NRIC/FIN at the entry/exit points of venues. Other accepted cards include Driving License, PAssion Card, TransitLink Concession Card and MOM-issued Visit Pass/Work Permit.

6. What information is collected?

The individual’s name, NRIC/FIN number and mobile number are collected, and will only be used for the purpose of contact tracing.

7. How can a business owner sign up for this service?

Businesses can visit to sign up for this service.

8. How can entities that do not have a CorpPass account (e.g. VWOs) sign up for SafeEntry?

Businesses can visit to sign up for SafeEntry.

For SafeEntry NRIC, businesses do not need to have a CorpPass account to sign up. They are only required to submit the onboarding application form.

For SafeEntry QR, entities without a CorpPass account should have their parent organisation register on their behalf.

9. What is the cost implication or manpower effort needed to run this service?

This is a free-for-use service.

For SafeEntry QR, businesses will be provided with a unique QR code specifically for their location. Businesses are required to display their unique QR code prominently at entry and exit points. Businesses should prepare to assist visitors in using SafeEntry QR, for example by stationing staff at entrances with dedicated mobile devices for visitor check-ins.

For SafeEntry NRIC, businesses are required to staff the entry points and provide their own mobile devices to scan the NRIC/FINs.

10. Are shops within malls expected to implement SafeEntry if the mall entrance already has a SafeEntry check-in point?

Yes, shops and offices within malls must implement SafeEntry for their employees. In addition, certain shops e.g. supermarkets, must also implement SafeEntry for visitors.

This must be done by 12 May.

11. Which SafeEntry mode should my business opt for – QR or NRIC?

SafeEntry NRIC is recommended for high-traffic venues. It is also recommended if the visitors comprise a significant number of people who may not be digitally-savvy, do not have newer phone models and data connectivity. In this mode, dedicated staff are also required to perform NRIC scanning.

For venues that have lower traffic, SafeEntry QR may be more suitable.

Businesses may choose to provide both SafeEntry modes where resources allow, in order to cater to visitors who do not have a mobile phone and/or their NRIC with them.

12. I am already using an existing visitor management system. Is it possible to integrate this with SafeEntry?

SafeEntry is not able to support integrations with other systems at the moment.

13. Can the business modify the form or add additional information?


14. If I don’t have an NRIC nor smartphone, will I be denied entry? What is the alternative should both options be unavailable to a member of public?

Individuals visiting venues are required to provide the necessary information, check-in and check-out timings via SafeEntry. Individuals may be denied entry if they do not provide the necessary information. To cater to visitors who do not have a suitable mobile phone to scan QR codes, or do not have their NRIC with them, venue operators are advised to station staff at the various entrance/exit points to assist with a dedicated mobile device or manual check-ins.



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