COVID-19: Productivity Solutions Grant with Singtel / M1 Business Laptop Bundle

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Productivity Solutions Grant Laptop Bundle

***Our office will be closed after 3pm on 31 December. Kindly send in requests for new quotations before 5pm on 30th December. Grant submission deadline will be on 31 December 2020, there is strictly no extension for this grant***

Updated 9th December 2020:
The PSG grant for laptop will end on 31st December 2020.
If you have not applied for the grant yet, remember to do so as approval time is taking longer than expected now!
For more brands like MacBook, Dell and HP, please click here: Best PSG-Approved Business Laptop Comparison 2020

******Updated 25/09/2020:
Good news for Apple users!
Singtel is finally offering the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) for MacBook Laptop Bundle.

*****Updated 30/06/2020:
Laptop model has been changed, it will no longer be HP ProBook G7.
Lastest model: Lenovo ThinkPad E14.
For more details, please read latest update here:
PSG Singtel Laptop Bundle: Latest Updates and FAQs  

****Updated 22/06/2020:

We have done a compilation of all the queries that our readers have regarding the Singtel Laptop Bundle for Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), read here to find out about the PSG Singtel Laptop Bundle: Latest Updates and FAQs

***Updated as of 28/05/2020
- After sending enquiry to Singtel, Singtel responded on the same day
- Singtel sent invoice after confirming number of laptops to be purchased
- Sent back signed invoice for Singtel to secure the booking of laptop, then submitted non-signed invoice to BGP for grant approval
- Grant approval took about 10 days
- Submitted Letter of Offer to Singtel, and signed required forms from Singtel to process
- Laptop delivery estimated about 2-3 weeks

**Updated as of 17/05/2020: For any users that are keen on the PSG laptop deal, please leave your details here and we will get our dedicated PSG representative to get back to you.

*Updated as of 27/4/2020: From one of our readers who shared with us that Singtel (on first come first serve basis) is currently offering:

HP Probook G7, Core I5 10th Gen, 8GB Ram, 512 SSD.

We are NOT here to advertise for Singtel or M1, nor are we here to promote any brand of laptops. But the current Covid-19 situation is not easing any moment, and even expected to last till the end of the year. With an extension of another four weeks of the "Circuit Breaker" period till 1st June 2020, many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have to allow employees to work remotely from home as long as their job scopes permit. Other than the financial aspects of SMEs surviving in this crisis, the question of technology and security comes into the scrutiny of companies. As they realize that even when the "Circuit Breaker" is lifted, it does not necessarily mean that employees could go back to work in the offices.

With the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), eligible SMEs can now enjoy up to 80% funding support (capped at S$30,000 per company) on the list of readily adoptable solutions which can be found on Tech Depot. 
More info on the grant:

**Psst, this is the best time to ask your employers to change your Pentium 1 laptop :)

PSG has tied up with Singtel to provide the following:

  1. Business Laptop Bundle (capped at $1,500 per laptop, up to a maximum of 3 laptops per company)
  2. Online Collaboration (capped at $13,000) – Selected Microsoft Office plans
  3. Virtual Meeting (capped at $3,000) – Singtel BizConference Service


Bundle 1: Laptop bundle @ $1500 with Office 365 Premium @ $189.48 (Per bundle) = $1689.48  (Exclusive of GST)

1. Laptop @ $1632


Specification ** Brand & Model is subject to stock availability** :

- Processor: Minimum Core i5


- Memory: Minimum 8GB


- Storage: Minimum 512 SSD


- Display: Minimum 13 inch


- Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64


- Default Warranty: Minimum 1 year warranty


- Battery Warranty: Minimum 1 year warranty


- Technical Support:


- Next Business Day On-site support and/or phone support with certified technicians (standard OEM’s arrangement)


- Defective Media Retention and replacement (Minimum 1 year)


**Include 12 months Business Protect Basic (Powered by Trend Micro Worry-free Business Security Services)


2.  12 months subscription of 1x Office 365 Premium licence @ $189.48


- Online versions of Office


- Fully installed Office application on up to 5 PCs/ Macs per user licence


- Install Office on up to 5 tablets/ phones per user licence


- Business class email, calendar, and contacts with 50GB mailbox per user


- File storage and sharing with 1 TB storage per user


- Unlimited online meetings, instant messaging (IM) and HD video conferencing


- Intranet site for your teams with customisable security settings.


- Corporate social network for collaboration amongst employees



SMEs can apply for PSG if they meet the following criteria:

  • Registered and operating in Singapore
  • Purchase/lease/subscription of the IT solutions or equipment must be used in Singapore
  • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding (for selected solutions only)

* More information on eligibility:


Application process:

  1. Decide on the quantity of purchase and email Singtel with the below information, Singtel will send you with the Quotation & Application Form:
    1. Company name (have to be exact as ACRA registered):
    2. BRN/UEM (have to be exact as ACRA registered):
    3. Quantity to purchase:
  2. Complete the quotations and application forms and return the signed copies to Singtel and your request will be put on waiting list to secure the laptop(s).
  3. Submit your grant request at Business Grant Portal (BGP), using the signed Quotations from Singtel. You will need to register for a CorpPass account to transact on the portal. (Detailed process on how to apply for the grant can be found here:
  4. Upon receiving your PSG approval, contact Singtel to arrange for delivery, which will take 4-8 weeks. (Note: If you do not have an account with Singtel, kindly submit your latest ACRA.)


Please take note of the following Terms and Conditions:

Each eligible SME is able to make a maximum of 3 purchases. Laptop bundle must be purchased together with Microsoft Collaboration tools. Depending on stock availability, Singtel reserves the right to offer an alternative model with comparable specifications.

Online Collaboration Tool: Bundled price includes 12 months subscription which will cover for the 1st year. Subscriptions for the subsequent year will be charged on a monthly basis. 

Business Protect Basic: Bundled price includes 12 months subscription which will cover the 1st year. Customers must pay a monthly charge of S$7.75/mth (w/GST) after 12 months.




  1. What is the brand of the laptop?

Due to the lack of guaranteed supply, Singtel is not able to guarantee the brand of the laptop. However, Singtel promises that this is the minimum specs of the laptop that is provided.

  1. Can I buy a laptop first without PSG approval and apply for the grant later?

No, SMEs will need to provide the PSG number together with the ARCA before Singtel can process this order.

  1. Can I purchase the laptop without the Microsoft collaboration tool?

No, SMEs must purchase the laptop together with the Microsoft collaboration tool. I.e. one laptop to one Microsoft collaboration tool, two laptops to two Microsoft collaboration tools, etc.

  1. What if I want to purchase more than 3 laptops at full price?

 Grant covers up to maximum 3 per BRN. Subsequent laptops will be considered BAU purchase.

*** Do note that payment must be paid upfront before claiming from PSG, which will take approximately 1-2 months and delivery will take approx 3-6 weeks. *** 



As M1 specifies the laptop that they are selling, a check on LENOVO site shows the same laptop with the same exact specifications costs approximately $899.10*.

Thus do your own research if the laptop provided by Telco providers is valued for money, as given the subsidy is capped at $1,500 per purchase, you might not have substantial savings even with the 80% subsidy.

Are Telco providers allowed to mark up the price? Or are we missing something here?

Read also: PSG Singtel Laptop Bundle: Latest Updates and FAQs 

*Do note that this is our personal opinion on the deal, and consumers should verify on their own with Telco providers on the exact specifications of the laptop they are furnishing.

*PSG Bundled For MacBook Pro Available Now! Click Here!



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