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The article was published on 08 Feb 2021 and was most recently updated on 17 Aug 2023

Update: Stories as a Feature for Telegram users

Telegram has launched the Stories feature for its users, which allows them to share photos and videos with friends for a short period of time. These stories appear at the top of the conversation list and can be viewed by clicking on them and interacting with them through text messages or emojis.

In general, just like Facebook or Instagram, the platform offers multiple options for controlling sharing, including who can see them, who can view them, and who can exclude certain people. Users can also prevent or allow taking screenshots from stories and permanently keep them in their profile.

After sharing, users can access information on who read them and how they were received. They can also use both front and rear cameras simultaneously for photography and video.

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When WhatsApp first announced a few weeks ago that it required its two billion global users to agree to new privacy terms regarding how it shares their personal data with its parent company, Facebook, it triggered a massive outrage.

WhatsApp seems to have backtracked on their decision for now, but the backlash already has some significant consequences; many disgruntled users have migrated to other messaging platforms instead. Chief among these replacement apps is Telegram, which now has over 500 million users worldwide.

As a messaging platform, Telegram’s popularity stems from its positioning as an app that has a great deal of respect for privacy, with encrypted messaging and secret chat functions (messages that can self-destruct and leave no trace behind).

However, as more and more users have joined, Telegram’s other features have also begun taking more prominence, particularly those that can be used for business.

Users intending to reach out to a greater number of people for sales and personal marketing purposes have been mightily pleased to find that a Telegram group chat can contain up to 20,000 members, which is a far cry from WhatsApp’s limit of 256.

It can be difficult to manage large group chats though, or risk turning it into a cacophony of digital noise where too many people are competing to make their voices heard (or messages seen). So, another feature has become very popular as well now: channels.

Telegram channels are much like radio stations: one-way broadcasters that can reach out to an unlimited number of subscribers who cannot respond in return, at least on the channel itself. This is great for disseminating information or directing a call to action somewhere else without the messages being buried by over-enthusiastic participants.

Telegram channels have been set up to provide a wide variety of useful information for Singaporeans. This includes island-wide F&B deals, personal finance advice, and even job listings.

Naturally, there also exist many telegram channels that business owners would find helpful. Here are some of the best ones that we recommend.

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1) (of course!)

You’ll forgive us for doing a bit of shameless self-plugging here. posts updates on the latest news pertaining to SMEs as well as Singapore government grants and initiatives. We also provide information on business banking and insurance. Our members have also found our reminders on deadlines for things like grant applications or tax filing season most helpful.

Essentially, if you find our website helpful and wish to get updates more conveniently through mobile, subscribing to our telegram channel is an absolute no-brainer.

Through our platform, we have assisted over 3000+ SMEs to date on their business banking requirements such as Temporary Bridging Loan and Singapore Government Grants needs since our launch in May 2020!

2) The Up-Round

The Up-Round positions itself as a learning community where members can discuss various new ideas, the latest technologies and innovations, and business or start-up news. Do take note that this is a group instead of a channel, so we’re playing a little loose with our rules in this feature article here. But with only 500 plus members presently, the group chat should not get too overwhelming. Our own experience so far has certainly been that the group fosters productive and interesting discussions.

3) SMF Helps!

The SMF stands for Singapore Manufacturing Federation – you’re welcome, because if there is one criticism to level at them, it is that the admins have neglected to even put up a description of what they do.

This is another group, mostly catered towards people or companies involved in the manufacturing sector. You will get slightly inundated with some members’ self-promotions, but the nearly 700 strong group is also very helpful in providing assistance for a great number of queries, including grant assistance and even finding jobs. If you are in the manufacturing industry, this is a highly recommended Telegram group.

3) Starterfeed

The description for this channel is succinct: three starters, every week. There is one update each week that features three promising start-up companies based in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

This serves as a good source of inspiration for any new aspiring towkays out there, but also helps to give a good sense of where technology, innovation, and business trends are heading towards in the region. The world does not lack for problems, and finding a successful solution can be a great source of motivation and fulfilment. Many people are doing so, you might be the next one!

4) E27co

This is the official Telegram channel of, a website that focuses on Southeast Asian tech startups. It features news, in-depth analyses, and provides information on upcoming tech events. It even hosts its own job-posting platform. The Telegram channel thus helps to provide updates on the website’s new content.

Interestingly, there is also an e27 group which contains more members than the official channel has subscribers. With more than 1300 members, we’ve found the chat to hold fairly robust discussions and have a surprisingly low volume of spam or irrelevant chat messages, although a certain amount of digressions and bother is to be expected. E27 runs a tight ship, and they come highly recommended if you wish to have your finger on the pulse when it comes to the regional tech scene.

5) Rescale Lab Entrepreneurs Community

It is difficult to say what Rescale Lab does. They are a start-up that was set up to help set up other start-ups. (We meant it is difficult to say because its quite a tongue-twister; that was a joke.)

It is actually quite clear what Rescale Lab sets out to do. It is a platform that advises, provides information, connects, and guides aspiring entrepreneurs in building a successful start-up company. From providing venture building programmes to matching like-minded investors and start-up founders, Rescale Lab aims to build a community revolving around business and start-ups. Its Telegram group is an integral part of it all.

The Rescale Lab Entrepreneurs Community hosts more than 1000 people (at the time of writing) bouncing ideas off each other and sharing both opinions and information, with the admins themselves often in the thick of it. It resonates energy and drive, and is well-moderated. Check it out.

6) Startup Ideas

A channel that simply posts curated app ideas for software-as-a-service (SaaS), with each post open to comments such that a discussion about the viability of such ideas can take place. If a certain idea catches your eye, or you come across a mention of something that you have been considering yourself, this channel is the platform that allows you to find like-minded people who might be similarly interested in developing your idea.

7) Bloomberg

A good towkay should also be a well-informed one. Getting caught up with the news and useful publications is important. And Bloomberg is one of the most respected sources of news pertaining to the international economy and global markets.

The Telegram channel features updates on the latest finance and business news articles from their publication. Enough said.

8) The Business Times

For news that are as comprehensive as Bloomberg but perhaps more focused on Southeast Asia, look to the Business Times, Singapore’s only financial daily news publication. Not only does its Telegram channel post news articles, but it also provides a comments section for each post.

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9) ASEAN Daily Brief

Too busy to sift through so much news? This Telegram channel posts only one update daily which contains short summaries of the top stories in the region. Links to the full stories are also provided should a particular story catches your eye.

10) Business Finance and News (US Edition)

The US is arguably the largest economy in the world and there is no doubt that it is a world leader in global finance. Getting a good grasp of American business and economic policy, as well as news about its stock market and local business news, would not go amiss.

This Telegram channel is not from a news publication and does not necessarily provide a verified source for its content. But it offers nice bite-sized updates from which you can delve deeper into yourself.

12) Motivation Quotes Success

Sometimes, you’re just having a bad day and in need of a pick-me-up. Have a look at some motivational posters, or quotes from famous successful people. Some are inspirational, some are fun. Either way, you need a break from time to time to look at something light-hearted. This Telegram channel is it.

Joining Telegram

There are both mobile and desktop versions of the Telegram app, catering to Windows, Apple and even Linux users. If you have yet to use Telegram and are contemplating doing so, simply click here to find out more.

To subscribe to a public Telegram channel or join a Telegram group, tap the magnifying glass icon at the top of the Telegram home page and type in the name of the channel or group you are looking for.

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Select the search result you desire to get a preview of the latest posts in the channel or group. Click on “join” at the bottom of the page.

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