How SMEs Can Benefit From Work Life Grant 2020

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Work Life Grant 2020

Updated 20th August 2020:

Unfortunately the application for Work Life Grant has ended and will no longer be taking in new applicants. Applications submitted before 18th August 2020 will still be processed.



If you have missed out on the application for Enhanced Work-Life Grant (Covid-19), which has ended on 1st June 2020 when Circuit Breaker measures were lifted, read on to find out how you can still apply for the existing Work-Life Grant for your company.


The Work-Life Grant (WLG) is an existing scheme by Workforce Singapore and the Ministry of Manpower, to promote work-life harmony in the workplace by offering incentives for Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) or Job Sharing. This funding support aims to help companies implement and sustain FWAs and job sharing arrangements for all Singaporean and Permanent Residents employees.


FWA incentive provides funding of S$2,000 for every local worker on FWAs, up to S$70,000 over 2 years; while the funding amount for Job Sharing incentive is up to S$35,000 per company over 2 years, for S$3,500 per worker. Job Sharing incentive is for employees who request for job sharing arrangements, have at least a 12 month employment contract with the company, and earn a gross monthly salary of at least S$3,600 before the arrangement. So in total, each company can receive up to S$105,000 of funding support under the WLG, over 2 years.


Although application for Enhanced Work-Life Grant (Covid-19) has ended, companies can still apply for the existing WLG. However, the main difference is that instead of implementing FWAs for one month only, companies now have to implement and provide proof of regular usage of FWAs for at least 6 months. 


The criteria for FWAs are also different under existing WLG. Working from home and staggered working hours are no longer supported. Instead, the existing WLG will support FWAs such as compressed work week, part time work, time banking and rotating shifts. Other types of FWAs can be considered on a case by case basis.


Under the existing WLG, Job Sharing arrangements will also be claimable, when 2 or more employees share responsibilities of one full time job, but work at different times. Job sharers may work only part of the day or the week, or only alternate weeks. 


Upon application, companies should describe the current situation, the proposed FWAs to be implemented, and how employees will benefit from the FWAs. Companies will also have to appoint a Supervisor or Manager to track the usage of FWAs for 6 months. 


To be eligible for WLG approval and claim, companies must provide the following documents:

  • Proof of adoption of the Tripartite standard on FWAs
  • Proof of regular usage of FWAs and/or job sharing
  • Impact evaluation report using template provided (depending on which organization you apply WLG with)
  • List of employee(s) who is/are regular users of FWAs
  • Copies of employees’ employment contracts (with a minimum contract term of 12 months) and CPF Form 90
  • For Job Sharing incentive, companies must have put in place a formal arrangement to redistribute workload amongst the employees and remunerate accordingly. The employees taking on the redistributed work can be existing employees or new hires with a minimum employment contract term of 12 months.


How to apply

SNEF, NTUC’s e2i and Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) are the only official Programme Partners for Work-Life Grant.


If you’re interested, you must apply directly to SNEF, NTUC’s e2i or SMF.


Official Work-Life Grant Programme Partner



6290 7694

NTUC’s e2i

6474 0606


6826 3100



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