Important Government Forms You Should Know For COVID-19

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Do you know that is a Singapore Government Initiative to digitalize and allowed ease of application for government-related submission?

We at SMART-TOWKAY.COM save you guy times to collate all important GOV.SG links you should know for the current COVID-19 Situations:


1. Register Bank Account For Solidarity Payment For Singapore Citizen

If you are using SingPass mobile, you may be asked to confirm if you are logging into the “GST Voucher Portal”. Please proceed to click “Yes”. This service also supports the GST Voucher Portal, as part of the Government’s efforts to streamline the use of digital resources.


1A. Application For Solidarity Payment For Singapore Permanent Residents


For Singapore P.R

If you are using SingPass mobile, you may be asked to confirm if you are logging into the “GST Voucher Portal”. Please proceed to click “Yes”. This service also supports the GST Voucher Portal, as part of the Government’s efforts to streamline the use of digital resources.


2.Defer Your Income Tax FY 2020

  Please fill up this form if you would like to defer your income tax payments for 3 months from May, June and Jul 2020 to help ease cash flow.

**This deferment does not apply to non-Singapore citizen employees who have sought tax clearance and employees of foreign employers.**


3.Indication Of Interest For Nurses To Support Covid-19 Response

If you are a trained nurse and wish to lend your support, please take a moment to fill up this form. 


 4.Application For Entry Into Singapore In View Of Covid-19

This form is solely intended for the application of entry for foreign nationals who are affected by Singapore’s COVID-19 border control restrictions.


5.Declaration Form For Temporary Living Quarters In Factory/ Office Spaces

This declaration form is only for employers seeking to convert their workplaces (factory or office space) to temporary living quarters (TLQs) to house their foreign workers (including Malaysian workers affected by Malaysia’s Movement Control Order) for a temporary period of not more than six months.


6.Indication Of Interest For AHPs To Support COVID-19 Response

To support frontline healthcare professionals in our COVID-19 response, the Ministry of Health is calling for Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) who are not practising, or are in locum or private practice to support our healthcare workforce. As more of our healthcare professionals are being deployed to help at the frontlines of our COVID-19 response, our healthcare workforce will need support to ensure that both COVID and non-COVID patients can receive essential care. If you wish to lend your support, please take a moment to fill up this form.


7.Application For Exemption From Suspension Of Business Activities Or Declaration For Companies Which Provide Essential Services

This application is for entities who are seeking to continue their operations during the suspension period. 2. Entities that are able to continue to operate their business (in limited or full capacity) with their employees working from home should continue to do so and need not apply. 3. Given the above, we encourage you to submit an application for only critical functions and their supporting functions (if any) within your company that you require your employees to work on-site. All information provided will be treated as confidential.

8.Essential Services/Project Information

For Companies that needed to apply ad-hoc exclusion during this circuit period.

Pls submit the following form with details of your workers needed on site and telecommuting, and your key suppliers essential to your operations

9.TCM Essential Services Information

If you are the owner of the TCM clinic/TCM medicinal hall, please be reminded that you are required to submit a separate declaration for your company to be exempted from the suspension of business activities at If you are not the owner of the TCM clinic/TCM medicinal hall, please inform your employer of the need to do so.

10.Exempted Maritime Companies- Submit Information Of Non-Telecommuting Workers

For Maritime Companies, use this form to submit list of non-telecommuting workers for your company

11.Singapore Global Network

With the spread of Covid-19 globally, we know you are probably worried about coping and what you should do next. As the situation evolves, we want you to know that we are in this together and are working round the clock to make sure our fellow Singaporeans are getting the help they need. Please sign up with us to receive important updates and announcements.

12.Payout From IRAS

Use this form to enquiry any of the below payout from IRAS for SMEs Towkay:

1) Jobs Support Scheme 2) Senior Employment Credit 3) SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit 4) CPF Transition Offset 5) Enabling Employment Credit
Fill this form to report anyone who does not comply with the requirements of the Stay-Home Notice (SHN). Those who fail to comply with SHN requirements will be liable to prosecution under the infectious Diseases Act.
This form is for members of public who need to come down to ICA Building for urgent services. Successful applicants will be notified via email, and allowed to come to ICA Building.
All employers are strongly urged to defer bringing foreign domestic workers (FDWs) or nannies into Singapore. If you are unable to defer the entry of your FDW/nanny, you may proceed with this request. However, please note that chances of getting an entry approval are very slim.
Fill this form if you have any enquires or need assistance regarding Home Based Learning in this period.  
The Multi-Ministry Taskforce has announced an elevated set of safe distancing measures to suspend activities at most workplace premises from 7 April 2020 to 4 May 2020 ("Circuit Breaker"). During this period, employers who (i) implement temporary cost-saving measure(s) that result in employees' salaries falling below 75% of the gross monthly salary for local employees or below 75% of the basic monthly salary for foreign employees, and (ii) have at least 10 employees, are required to notify MOM. The deadline to submit a notification to MOM is within 7 calendar days after implementing the cost-saving measures. Please ensure that the cost-saving measure(s) your company implemented adhere to the Tripartite Advisory for Managing Excess Manpower and Responsible Retrenchment and also the Advisory on Salary and Leave Arrangements during Circuit Breaker.  
MOM is providing support to eligible employers to defray the cost of their FDW’s accommodation during SHN period. Only FDW Employers who are Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents are eligible to apply for SHN support. Please submit your application only after the FDW has completed SHN.

We will be consistently updating the lists as and when Form.Gov.SG have new updates which we believe all Self- Employed Personnel will be keen to find out which 'form' to filled for appeal for the SELF-EMPLOYED RELIEF SCHEME.


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