2021 Edition: SGUnited Skills Programme – 20,000 Job Seekers to be Supported

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As announced during Budget 2021 on 16 February 2021, part of the Government’s approach towards combating the Covid-19 pandemic is to continue supporting businesses and workers. To that effect, the SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package will be extended to 31 March 2022, among other measures. This includes the SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme, and also the SGUnited Skills Programme.

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What is the SGUnited Skills (SGUS) Programme?

The SGUnited Skills Programme share many similarities with the SGUnited Mid-Career Pathway Programme. Both of them are meant for mid-career job seekers whose livelihoods were affected by the economic impact of the coronavirus, and aim to help them by providing full-time training opportunities so that these job seekers can learn the requisite in-demand skills for gainful employment.

In the case of the SGUS Programme, these training opportunities come in the form of full-time training courses designed in partnership with Continuing Education Training (CET) Centres, including Institutes of Higher Learning (i.e. the universities, polytechnics and ITE). Trainees under this programme will be able to obtain industry-recognised certifications as part of the programme, such as WSQ full qualifications, Post-Diploma or Professional Certificates.

The programme lasts between six to twelve months, although courses beginning from April 2021 are expected to be more condensed to enable job seekers to be channelled more quickly towards new employment opportunities as the economy gradually recovers. The modular format of the training provided also allows for an early exit from the programme without penalty if the individual has found a job midway through.

For the duration of this programme, trainees will receive a monthly allowance of S$1,200 to help cover basic expenses.

What is the difference between the SGUS Programme and SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme?

As mentioned, the two programmes share many commonalities. However, there are distinct points of differentiation.

The SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme has two options: Company Attachment and Company Training. In the case of the former, the programme is hosted by companies, and it helps individuals boost their employability by giving them meaningful work experience rather than enroll them formally in a training course.

As for the latter, while the SGUnited Skills Programme and SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme - Company Training are both full-time training programmes, the training come from different sources.

The training provided under the SGUS Programme is primarily designed and delivered by educational institutions and the courses are certifiable. Meanwhile, the Company Training aspect of the Mid-Career Pathways Programme provides training that come from employers and companies themselves.

Programme Fees

Fees range between S$500 to S$1,000, depending on the duration of the programme. This is a nett fee after Government subsidy (of up to 95 per cent) has been applied. Individuals may use their SkillsFuture Credit to offset the nett course fees.

Should trainees exit the course early, they will be refunded the nett fees paid for the unconsumed modules. A module that is partially completed is considered consumed.

However, as with most Government training grants, trainees must fulfil minimum attendance requirements and pass the assessments to qualify for course fee subsidies. Trainees who are unable to meet these requirements may be asked to return the course fee subsidies that they have received. This includes trainees who drop out of the programme midway without a valid reason.

Eligibility and Frequently Asked Questions (credit: myskillsfuture.gov.sg)

More answers to other questions can be found here. A list of all available SG United Skills courses can be found here.

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