New MOM Requirements for Employees on Work Permit, Training Work Permit and S Pass Holders Entering Into Singapore From 1st Jan 2021

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The new MOM requirements for employees

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to haunt the world and affect everyone in their everyday lives, it is the top priority of every country to keep the number of Covid-19 cases contained. It is also of utmost importance for every country to impose quarantine orders or stay home notice (SHN) for returning citizens or visitors entering the country.  In Singapore where we are highly reliant on foreign workers, how are we able to ensure that the influx of foreign workers do not threaten the spread of Covid-19 in the community, especially now that we have finally reached Phase 3 of post Circuit Breaker?

What happens from 1st January 2021?

Starting from 1st January 2021, the Government will no longer cover the Covid-19 treatment costs for all pass holders entering Singapore, if they develop Covid-19 symptoms or test positive within the first 14 days of their arrival. This is regardless of when they leave Singapore. 

New MOM requirements for Covid-19 SHN coverage

To ensure that employers play a part in protecting their foreign employees, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has made it mandatory for all (new and existing) Work Permit, Training Work Permit and S Pass Holders entering Singapore from 1st January 2021 to have additional medical insurance. This insurance should have a coverage of at least S$10,000 for their medical expenses should they require treatment costs relating to Covid-19 symptoms or test positive within the first 14 days of their arrival.

Employers are required to purchase this insurance before their foreign workers arrive in Singapore.

Things to take note when adding on the Covid-19 SHN coverage:

Most insurers that offer a Foreign Worker Medical Insurance should be able to provide this additional coverage as a rider to existing or new medical insurance at an additional premium. 

However, do take note of the terms and conditions before adding on the Covid-19 SHN coverage (please check with your insurer as the terms and conditions may vary):

  • Your new or existing employees should be holding an in-principle approval (IPA), valid Work Permit, S Pass or Employment Pass issued by MOM

  • Declare your employee(s)' name, identification number, date of arrival in Singapore, and the SHN facility location

  • The coverage is effective during the SHN period, up to a maximum of 14 days upon arrival in Singapore 

  • This covers in-patient medical expenses incurred when an employee is hospitalised in Singapore as a result of and solely due to Covid-19. This excludes swab test and quarantine / SHN expenses

  • Only medical expenses incurred in Public / Government restructured or Community hospitals (4 bedded or lower) will be covered

  • The employee must comply with the Safe Measures imposed by the Singapore Government at all times. The policy will cease cover for Covid-19 if he/she does not comply with the requirements and regulations 

  • The cover for Covid-19 medical expenses shall cease automatically if the employee is not diagnosed with Covid-19 within the SHN period 

  • Once the employee is done with the SHN period, the existing medical insurance will exclude Covid-19 related treatment

SMS or calls from MOM to ensure compliance of SHN requirements 

All work pass holders with recent travel history to, or transited in affected areas will be issued with a 14-day SHN. 

Do inform your employees that they will be contacted by MOM via SMS, video calls or inspections to ensure that they are at home, and are complying with the SHN requirements. 

They are also required to download the Homer app to report to MOM 3 times a day to report on location and health status. 

Not sure if your insurer provides this additional coverage for Covid-19 SHN as per MOM requirements? Or want to get a quote for your company’s Public Liability insurance policy? 

You can fill in the Interest Form here!

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