COVID-19: Tips for Celebrating Father's Day Post-Circuit Breaker 2020

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Father's Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner (it falls on 21st June 2020 if you have been too busy to notice), it is time to remember all the amazing things that your father has done for you and plan how to celebrate his love in a memorable way. 

Of course, this year’s celebration may be a little different due to the Covid-19 outbreak and all the restrictions on social gatherings, but there are still plenty of options that can make this day a fun and heart-warming one. Whether your dad loves feasting or receiving surprises, we have gathered some ideas that may just bring a smile to his face. 

Father’s Day Gift Ideas  

Father’s Day is happening during phase one of post-Circuit Breaker, this implies that most shops are still closed and we will have to research gift options online or from retail outlets that are permitted to open during this time. With such constraints in mind, we have shortlisted some gift ideas that you can consider. 

1.    Indoor Exercise Equipment   

With safe distancing measures and the need to wear a mask, working out outdoors can be such a chore. If your dad loves a good workout but has not been able to get his dose of daily exercise due to these precautionary measures, why not present him with some home-based training gears that can help him to exercise indoors? We are not suggesting an expensive treadmill that is going to take up half the living room space but small portable gears such as rubber resistance band, ab training roller or even TRX suspension gear with a door anchor. Such gears are easy to use and assemble, furthermore, they are truly relevant during this home-bound time. 

2.    Hair Grooming Session

Everyone loves to look good, dads are no exception. Since the start of Circuit Breaker in early April, there is limited access to hair salons and barbershops and many have not been able to get a decent haircut, let alone a grooming session to keep up with their looks.  

Offering your dad a pampering hair grooming session may just be the perfect gift this year. Besides a basic haircut, add-ons such as hair treatment, colouring or hair spa can be a delightful surprise too. 

3.    Video Streaming Services  

Since we are all home-bound during this global Covid-19 pandemic, offering a monthly video streaming subscription to your dad to keep him entertained can certainly make life a lot more fun. 

There is a wide range of paid streaming services at very reasonable prices offered by international service providers such as Netflix and Amazon, and more locally-based ones like Singtel, Starhub and Mediacorp.    


TV and Streaming Services

Monthly Subscription Fee


$11.98 to $19.98

Amazon Prime Video



$4.90 to $9.32

Singtel TV GO

$16.90 to $99.90

Starhub TV

$4.98 to $29.90


Celebrate With a Scrumptious Meal 

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, that may apply to your father’s too. Dining out with your favourite man may not be possible this year but sharing a scrumptious feast with the beloved one is made possible by so many restaurants that are offering exquisite menus for take-away or with delivery services.     


Here are some restaurants that are offering Father’s Day menus that may fulfill your dad’s appetite.


Takeaway & Delivery Specials


Where to Order


Crystal Jade (Chinese)

$168 to $668 for set menus for 2 to 10 persons

Blue Jasmine (Thai)

$50 per set for 4 persons

Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant (Indonesian)

$98 per set for 4 persons


Monti at 1-Pavilion (Italian)  

$108 for 2 persons & $168 for 4 persons

Swatow Seafood (Chinese)

From $68 per set for 4 to 5 persons


Stagger Celebrations to Meet Social Distancing Measures

Bear in mind that social distancing measures are still being enforced during Father’s Day. Large gatherings at home are prohibited and each household is restricted to receiving no more than two daily visitors from another household. This implies the need to stagger celebrations if you have siblings who live in different households. 

As troublesome as it may seem, on the bright side, your dad will get to prolong the celebration over a few days and enjoy precious moments to reconnect with his children. Nothing will be more heart-warming than that! 

If you want to kick it up a notch, invite your family and relatives for a Zoom party during the celebration. Catching up virtually can bring a whole lot of fun and does not infringe on distancing guidelines.   

It’s Time to Celebrate!

Father's Day is celebrated worldwide to recognize the contributions that father figures make to their children. While their love may sometimes be subtle, the depth of their love always runs deep. 

Take time to celebrate with this hero of your life this year, your love and affection will be extra meaningful during this turbulent time. Choosing the right gift and treats may not be easy but it is always the thought that counts. Your presence, whether in-person or virtually will mean so much.



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