Extend Your Runway!

Smart-Towkay helps startups effortlessly discover, apply for, and receive government credits and incentives. The average company saves more than $50,000 with less than an hour of work.

How Smart-Towkay works?

Connect Smart-Twokay to your payroll system and we’ll automatically collect the data needed to qualify programs and estimate their value to your company.
Smart-Towkay software make it simple to aggregate the right information and get the paperwork ready to go - and our team will guide you every step of the way.
Startups love Smart-Towkay

Know your Expected Savings!
Depending on the size, stage and growth of your company, you may be eligible to receive different amounts. Here are some rough estimates.


2-10 Employees
Up to $200,000


10-30 Employees
Up to $600,000

Series A & B

50+ Employees
Up to $1,000,000
Get started for free
Smart-Towkay is free to use as a resource for discovering government programs that may be useful for your company. Should you choose to work with us, Smart-Towkay will help you apply for and manage these government programs for a small fee. Smart-Towkay is your transparent partner. We only make money when you make money.